Bring on tomorrow

I have been through a lot of journalism classes in my time at Creighton and I do not think, scratch that, know that I have never had a class like our backpack journalism class. Not because it is a two-part extravaganza between Journalism and Theology. Not because we have three professors (four if you count Angie dropping by on a regular basis). Not because of the four-hour classes. This class is different because of the students. 

I come to class every day expecting to learn something about journalism or theology and take something away from it. I have found that I was taking away more than that because of the group. We are bonding as a group and I think this was noticed by all at the pizza party. My many thanks go out to Gaby for hosting all of us because it really was a time to see each other outside of the context of the classroom. It gave us a chance to joke around a bit and ensure the theology reading wasn’t getting us down.

I look forward to tomorrow. And the tomorrow after that. And that is going to be somewhat of a mantra during this trip because I look forward to learning with this bunch. Are Emily and Rachel J. going to match tomorrow? And what flavor of oatmeal is Amy bringing tomorrow? Who will be called on first, Morgan or Jen? Will Gaby have more computer questions for Tim? Rachel B., can we make sure to ask you a few more questions about the DR and speaking Spanish tomorrow? Peter, I am sorry but you may have missed out on a lot of lecture, but we are getting better about reminding Dr. O’Keefe about the recorder. Maybe tomorrow will be the day we remember on time.

Emily I know that I took your style of writing on this one but it really fit how my mind was thinking about the course. If I need to change it I will.

So bring on tomorrow. I am ready for it. And let’s do this thing right and have a blast in the DR. I will probably bring coffee to class tomorrow, and apple crisps. Maybe I will bring two bags, one of them just to share.

Quick thought before bed: Anybody else be up for bagels or something as a group some morning? I can pick some up on the way to class. Just an idea, and yes, Amy you can still bring oatmeal. 

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