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We are here 🙂

After a lot of obstacles, we finally made it.

Here is a run down of what has happened thus far:

  1. Missed our plane from Miami to Santiago 🙁  We were right there!  We watched the plane leave, with Rachel on it. Completely terrible. I couldn’t even appreciate how movie-esque it was because I was just too frustrated
  2. Gaby used her powers of persuasion to get us all on a flight at 8 to Santo Domingo.  Gaby was awarded all the cool points. 
  3. Landed, got off, went through customs, andddd half of our bags were missing.  Why only half you say?  No one knows!  It is very strange indeed.  We are hoping they will be found by tomorrow.
  4. 3 hour bus ride.  3 HOUR BUS RIDE.  [which puts our time travelling for the day at 18 hours.  It was a very, very long day.]

But we made it 🙂  All of us are in Santiago at the ILAC center and I personally couldn’t be happier. 

The sleeping situation for the girls is borderline comical.  We are all in a room about the size of a dorm, that is stuffed with 8(ish?) sets of bunk beds.  It’s crowded.  Which makes it a very good thing that I love every one of them.  It’s really just like a giant slumber party every night, with princess bed coverings (also known as mosquito nets) to top it all off.

So, that was quite the adventure.  But the fun doesn’t stop there!  Hahah not even close

The game plan today was to go downtown and walk around a bit.  So we all went to go exchange our money for pesos.  Everything was going quite smoothly until we heard a loud crack and saw powerlines hit the ground.  “WHAT HAPPENED!?!”

  You ask, terribly intrigued.  Well.  Background information.  Yesterday, they paved the road.  Awesome right?  Right.  Unless you’re a trucker who has previously been able to fit underneath the low hanging power lines.  The tar raised the road just enough so that he couldn’t fit any more.  One of the lines got caught on his truck, unawares to him of course, and he pulled it until the telephone pole snapped in half and and disconnected numerous power lines. 

So. That was intense.

After it had happened, it got a little crazy because the roads are really narrow, and the truck and the power cords were blocking everything. Which also put us in an interesting situation, because we couldn’t get back to the ILAC center.  Luckily, our wise leader Kyle knew another way.  A hop skip and a jump later, we were back safe and sound.

Then we went downtown!  Which was very cool. 

Hahaha my favorite part of the day was this resteraunt I saw.  Ok, So the water down here is unsafe for us to drink right?  Right.  It’s due to a bacteria in the water that we aren’t used to.  The myth is that Moctezuma II, who was the leader of the Aztecs, made the water undrinkable to all but the native people after he was defeated by the Spanish Conquistador Cortes.  So, when people drink the water and get sick, they got “Montezumas Revenge!”

(Hurray for history)

So.  The resteraunt?  It was called Montezuma. 

Silly resteraunt.  Probably not going to eat there.  Just because the irony of it all would make me laugh the whole time.

Alright so there you go 🙂  Update complete.  Tomorrow we start shooting!  Should be a grand old time.


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