Big Week

Feeling good but we had a heck of a big week this week. I have alot going on in my head.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the experience of suffering.

I don’t think that I can grasp the type suffering we saw this week. I know its there–it exists; but I also know that I cannot fully comprehend it. I sense myself not being fully aware or sympathetic because I cannot simulate the experience of this level of suffering in my mind. The affliction we have witnessed the past couple of days is not the kind I can imagine. Empathy is an important  tool for me and I cant use it in this situations.

When I think about things that have been hard for me or might be hard for me in the future, I am sure that I could probably get through anything. But the thing about any difficulty I have experience is that it always ends–there is always the end of the race, or an end to the all-nighter, or the trip. I can get through all any of my challenges because they ll have an expiration date.

But the hardship we observed this week doesn’t end. The kids in Cien Fuegos will still be hungry tomorrow; they will still be uneducated; they will still get sick and not have access to care. At the boarder there will still be racism and blatant organized crime; bribing and harassment will still continue. Haitians will still have to cross the boarder illegally under dangerous/inhumane conditions and Dominicans will still make a ton of money off them.

When I have to do hard stuff it is because I choose to put myself in that situation, and in any instance I have the power to end it; to quit at any time. People in poverty, in most cases, do not have the power to end their troubles.

 This is when the rest of us with a grain of power or influence have to perk up and pay attention–do something.

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