This morning was an excellent reminder of how food can bring people together. I saw smiles and a group that I am proud to be associating with and trusting on this five-week process. I have found myself being surprised by this group more and more over these two weeks. We are starting to feed off of each other and are figuring out the strength of everyone else in the room (sorry Peter, I am looking forward to you joining our group in person as opposed to through voice recorder).

As I sit listening to music, figuring out what I am going to pack for the trip, I think of the people who have supported me going on this trip and have made it possible for me to go. My family has been very supportive of the trip and has made it possibly for me to travel to the DR. Through all of the phone calls, emails and figuring out details, I have found the support of my mom and dad and want to send a huge thank to them. My brothers and sister have always been very excited to hear about the trip and have been encouraging me as I get ready to travel abroad. A big thank you to them as well. A final thank you goes to my girlfriend, as she has put up with stressing out and figuring out what to pack and what to write for the class. And to all of my friends who have shown their support, I send my thanks and gratitude via this electronic means. You have been wonderful throughout the process and I cannot wait to fly off in a few days and share my adventures. To my classmates and to my professors, you make up the class I am in but you are also about to experience the DR as I am about to. Thank you for being beside me and supporting each other on this trip.

Thank you to all the readers of this blog for my and others’ posts. You are what makes each and every one of the participants of this trip ready to travel to a foreign country and report on that experience. Thank you.

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