Back on Campus During the summer

As I write this post I have a “Gourmet Cafe” French vanilla coffee, which I purchased for an excellent total cost of forty-five cents from the Folgers “Grab a cup and go!” vending machine. With podcasts to listen to, and readings to catch up on I found myself in the Reinert-Alumni Library tonight, at first struggling to stay awake, as my afternoon coffee seemed to be wearing off around 5:45pm. I made it until eight o’clock though, the time when the library seems to close on weeknights in the summer. As I began to leave I saw the rain outside and I thought to myself that maybe it is best to stick around a while. I have had trouble staying focused within my room as it is ultra quiet and when my roommate comes home for the night, she goes to sleep early. This leaves me with too much time by myself, to think and often get distracted by many things within our apartment. My nightly routine is often that I convince myself I need a snack, then that leads me to think about getting up to refill my water glass. Later on, I sometimes glance out the window to see if anyone else seems to be out and about in Davis Hall. The whole process reminds me of one of my favorite children’s books, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” by Laura Numeroff. I am that mouse, and in order to avoid distractions, I will sit here. 

I enjoy the quite and relaxed atmosphere of campus in the summer, however sometimes the lack of other humans can be almost too much and so to compensate, I am writing from the library commons. There are four other students sitting in this space with me. They may or may not be working on school related things, but the nature of their decision to sit here does not concern me too much. I am thankful though for their presence. Especially since things have been quiet, I appreciate the little sense of community that I feel with other students around. I may not know them, but we still share a bond. This bond is community. With this may I extend a thank you to the other students sitting here with me tonight, I really appreciate it. 

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