Back in the Day

I’ve decided to venture back to my childhood tonight, watching Disney Channel with gummy bears by my side. I had macaroni and cheese for lunch and plan on wearing my hair in pigtails to class tomorrow, well on second thought maybe I’ll skip the pigtails.

My point is, every once and a while I feel the need to turn back to my childhood and take part in the activities I used to enjoy and often times still enjoy. Yes the storylines within some of my favorite childhood films are not complex as in “The Swan Princess” but I plan on watching it every once and a while until I’m old and grey. The best part about this is my sister likes to do the same sort of thing.

Megan is four years younger than me and she and I grew up playing dress up, putting together a make-shift podium and wearing leotards and performing “skating” short and long programs in our socks. 

Imagination is the greatest thing; it can bring you from an ordinary time and place into somewhere extraordinary. With a good imagination, one can keep themselves entertained for hours.  

I still never saw the film Nancy Drew with Emma Roberts, so perhaps that will be for my next childhood night.

If I were truly going to do this right, I’d have a sleepover in the living room. But some things have certainly changed for the better, as I never did get much sleep at those events anyway. I will sleep in a bed tonight, as opposed to a sleeping bag on the floor, but I just might dream of scenes from “The Pebble and the Penguin” or “Happy Feet.” 

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