An Incredible Three Days (Part 2)

So people move to the cities in search of something more, of something they can call their own so that one day they will feel that their hard work has paid off.  It is hard to imagine doing the same thing every. single. day. without reaping any of the benefits.  But this is exactly what the people of this campo–and all campos for that matter– do, which is exactly why the want to move to the cities in the first place.  They want to find some sense of purpose for the back breaking work they do to make a living.  Just like the people of Cien Fuegos, the people of Majagual know how to survive.  They know how to deal with the challenges God has given them, and they know how to do so with their heads held high and their hearts wide open. 

It really is quite inspiring.

Saying goodbye to my family was so hard.  Way harder than I ever imagined it was going to be.  There were tears, hugs…and more tears and more hugs.  They told me I was always welcome back, that their house was my house.  I definitely left a part of me in Majagual last Thursday, and I will forever remember this community’s unending kindness towards me. 

I was able to live in the moment for these three days.  I was able to put everything else aside and enjoy the company of these incredible people that i was so blessed to have met.  I can truly say that I was fully present in this experience, and I have gained so much from this feeling.  I intend on bringing this mindset back with me as I re-enter into my crazy busy life back home.  It was an incredible three days with an incredible group of people I am now so proud to call my family. 

In a warmth and kindness I have never experienced before,

Ray J       

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