Amazing People

Today we went to Cien Fuegos to film again.  We had an amazing day!  It started off with the arriving at 9:45, instead of 9:00.  (We are on Dominican time thats for sure!)  Pedro gave us another tour of the city and every shoot B Roll.  All of the children are friendly and once they know your name, they seem to repeat it every ten seconds.  The children are also very helpful with taking pictures and videos.  It was adorable.  At the end of the tour Pedro showed us the dump and right next to it was a school.  How could anybody put a children’s school hundreds of feet from a dump? 

As we continued to walk I saw two boys playing in a truck that had no wheels, no doors, and broken glass everywhere.  I found it amazing how these children and others run around Cien Fuegos by themselves.  Then, we went to the church and soup kitchen where Pedro spoke again about the enviroment and the church.  This man is incredible.  He has dedicated most of his life this city and not only has he done that but he has made such a huge difference in this town and the people of the town.  If I take anything from this trip it will be that the Church is an amazing place and it has the power to do anything the people of the Church sets it mind to. 

We have finished most of the shooting that we need to do, except for a few more B Roll shoots that we will finish up during the rest of the trip.  I am excited for the next week and hope that the time doesn’t fly too fast! 

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