Ahem, and here we go.

This is a post of nothing. And by nothing I mean everything!

If there is a way to prepare for random, you should probably start that now.

Ok, let’s begin.  But first, joke time.

How does Steve Jobs stabilize a camera?

On a tri-pod!

 That’s all I have for now.  But if I think of any other terrible jokes to occupy you with, I promise I will post them immediately. 

Moving on.

I have been thinking about experiences outside of the country I have had previous to this one.  There are just a few.

  1. I went to Mexico on a mission trip 
  2. A cruise with the family
  3. Costa Rica Outward Bound
All were amazing, and they were each completely different.  

Mexico was a lot of work.  We repainted an entire school, and the temperature broke 100 degrees every day.  (Still didn’t manage to get tan… That just defies science.) 
The cruise was just fun.  My family is a bunch of goofballs that I love to death.  
Costa Rica was just intense all around.  It was hiking through a rainforest everyday, usually through rain.  And then there were a lot of side adventures, like water rafting or repelling down a waterfall….I had a lot of opportunities to drown haha.  But it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

I think this trip to the Dominican Republic is going to prove to be a combination of the three.  A lot of work, a lot of fun, and wicked intense.

By the way, the countdown is at 3 DAYS
Today was our last day of class 🙂
 Oh I mean 🙁  I love class.
haha lies
Everyone has gotten really close.  I love every single person that is going on this trip.  Which I think is going to make this adventure even BETTER.
Huzzah to that 🙂  
Ok, I think this was enough rambling for one day.
You will be hearing from me soon. 

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