Adventures in Video Land

So turns out, recording video is very hard.

On a scale of comparable 90’s trends, I would say recording is a Skip-it.


  • Skip-its look fairly straight forward, but are much harder to master than you would think.
  • They require a specific technique, but once you get good you can make your own rules, and do crazy things, like twirl it around your nose.
  • It requires a lot of practice.
  • Once you get the hang of it, it’s a blast.
  • You can wear terrible outfits while doing it, and nobody cares!


Yesterday was my first attempt at recording.  We were supposed to do a video of a simple task, so I chose driving (SIDENOTE-I did not drive and record. Turns out that is greatly frowned upon).
I recorded my friend driving around, and ran into a couple of problems.
1. Cars are a lot bumpier than I thought.  I had to cut a lot of the footage because the camera wouldn’t stay still.  Terribly sad 🙁
2. Wind.  It is very loud >:(    
3. Driving is something you do in public.  When you record in public, people judge you.
4. It required me to sit, stand, or lay in the middle of the street to get shots.  Several times.  With traffic.
So, I learned.  I learned ways to keep the camera still in numerous situations.  I learned to quickly ignore people giving funny stares (which is TERRIBLY rude, I might add).  I learned to avoid wind if possible, and cover the mic if it is not.  And finally, I learned that laying in the road is fabulously exhilarating (I am not, however, endorsing it).   
 Lessons learned.
I cannot wait to record more 🙂
It’s a blast in an ordinary place, so I can’t even imagine how great it will be in the Dominican Republic.
Also…I now have a strong desire to Skip It.

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