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I suppose the best way to preface a blog is to describe my experience with blogging up till now…however, I really have no experience with blogging, but I like to write in general. 

Writing was mostly a chose when I was younger. It tool too long, I obsessed with every word choice, and thought every paper I wrote had to have some great revelation. I felt that writing made me very vulnerable. However, senior year of high school my attitude towards writing changed when I took three writing-intensive classes at the same time. It became necessary for me to write a few short papers a night. This meant that the whole process of writing (brain-storming, working out mechanics, revision, etc.) all had to be expedited. I didn’t have time to mess around with all of the things that made me previously dislike writing. This intensive year of writing may have limited some creativity I could have developed, but writing is now a skill for me rather than just a challenge. If I needed to write I could do it efficiently and effectively, even id not poetically. This frequent writing also helped me develop a style, I think. And it definitely improved my confidence in writing and eventually lessened the weight and perceived important of each piece I produced–not everything I write has to be a masterpiece, it can just be an effective expression of ideas. 

I can identify two styles in which I write. I can write scientifically, or casually. I learned how to write scientifically from lab reports and scientific essays, as well as from high school debate. Lab reports have a very clear methodology; report the facts, in a very prescribed way, and state the most obvious conclusions about these facts. Practicing debate in high school helped me as well because it taught me how to organize my thoughts into a clear and persuasive format. Introductions, contentions, rebuttals, conclusions, etc. are really just paragraphs. Science and debate have both helped me learn hoe to write things like a formal e-mail, a research paper, or a persuasive essay. I learned how to write casually from another two things: Facebook, and the heavy course load I took in high school. The courses senior year helped me practice writing efficiently and not drawing a 2-page paper out all night–although I can still manage to do this if I’m in the wrong mood. To develop my writing skills I practiced just siting own and writing. This sounds simple, but writing can be complicated or nerve racking, so acquiring the confidence to just write a paper from start to end, a string of consecutive sentences, was an accomplishment. Facebook helps me practice casual writing as well because I write almost daily to me friends from home and need to be able to quickly express my most important thoughts of the day and still engage in wordplay with them, all in a minute or two. I find casual writing to be a very important skill.

Using various amount of my scientific or methodological writing skills and my more casual skills I can usually alter to write whatever I need to write.   

Creative writing is my biggest challenge. Inventing a story or poem makes me VERY uncomfortable. I prefer to report facts or my own thoughts in as straight forward a manner as possible. I can appreciate when something is written beautifully or poetically; but even then, I think that things should only be written poetically if it helps express the subject more faithfully. Love is an obvious example of this. The feelings of love cannot be conveyed in a scientific paper. Someone who has never experience love or seen something breautiful wont understand it just by being told facts.

I’ll stick to casual writing or reporting facts. In this blog I’ll just practice expressing my thought and experiences as authentically as possible. I’ll leave the creation of art through words to those more talented.

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