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Tony is a Syrian Jesuit from the Middle East Province, he is 29 years old and is the webmaster for his Province's website. After he graduated from University of Aleppo in Bio-chemistry department, he joined the Society, spending two years Cairo, Egypt, after which he studied philosophy and Arab Civilization in Beirut, Lebanon. He is currently a student at Creighton University in Omaha where he studies Digital Journalism and Computer Science. Besides studying, Tony spends time on photography translating to and from Arabic.

I asked for burger… I got an extra cheesecake

In my first blog, I imagined our project as a combo burger. Actually I had a fatty rich one, I learned a lot in photography (Thanks Tim), journalism(Thanks Carol) and theology(Thanks John).  But God is generous and always has surprises for me. He always add an extra addition to my order, this time was an eternal amazing cheesecake that I am enjoying right now. After I finished with my burger, it is time for dessert, the sweetest thing in this magical “restaurant”. Click continue to see the surprise.  Continue reading I asked for burger… I got an extra cheesecake

No more amateur documentaries

The crew in action... my keystone for future projects
The crew in action… My keystone for future projects.

Our documentary wasn’t the first video experience for me… Though, I learnt a lot as technique, heavy practicing will improve your skills whatever level of professionalism you had… But what I discovered more was than I am not a professional yet… documentary is more than camera and photographer… This why I won’t film a documentary the way I used to.  Continue reading No more amateur documentaries

Living Ignatian green … Meet Hannah Mullally.

Intimacy with nature
Intimacy with nature

Hannah broke all the stereotypes of both: living in country, and living as only child. First because she enjoyed the simplicity of her town “Seward, NE”, a town of 6-7 thousands of population. Moreover, she moved out to the country when she was in 1st grade. The second stereotype was living as a single kid, she invited trees, sun, and stars into her life and they became her friends. With her imagination, she was the contemplative person who appreciates everything surrounding her, and the Ignatian person I met. 

I matched a lot of common points between Hannah and St. Ignatius of Loyola. And I want to illustrate them for you in light of the lovely conversation we had in Bethel.  Continue reading Living Ignatian green … Meet Hannah Mullally.

Vixia Style…

My vixia waiting the plane in newtok next to Tim's Mark 3. The student and the teacher.
My vixia (on the right) waiting the plane in Newtok next to Tim’s Mark 3. The student and the teacher.

For whom not familiar with photography, Vixia is another video cam we brought during our trip to Alaska… At first glance, Vixia looks like a portable hair dryer, not even a fancy one… Everyone avoided it, and they prefer their DSLR cameras, the ones we used for all interviews, and most fancy B-rolls. Only me, a Bald man, had an intimate relation with his hair dryer for two weeks… Continue reading Vixia Style…

Bethel … House of God

Someone who may read my former blogs would said: “Poor Tony, he always find himself

Bethel, one day I will come again.
Bethel, one day I will come again.

obliged to make up new terms for his blog’s titles”. But believe me, this time I am not creating something new, Bethel literally means “House of God”! Its origin go back to the Ugaritic language – one of oldest alphabets in the world – which was discovered in Syria, my country… Continue reading Bethel … House of God


From right to the left, Nico Sandi, Tony Homsy SJ, and Tim Guthrie. Alaska, Fox island
From right to the left, Nico Sandi, Tony Homsy SJ, and Tim Guthrie. Alaska, Fox island

Many of you had listened to my story, and how I came to Creighton, actually by a personal invitation from Fr. Don Doll, S.J. And most of you would hear me talking about our friendship, two Jesuits photographer (an amateur and a Professional) share the same passion about photography as a mission and as a vocation, more than anything else. Our relation has been getting deeper and deeper, especially when Fr. Don keeps providing me by nice tools, (you can call me a “user”).  Continue reading Friendography…

The day I embraced the mosquitoes

Tim Guthrie, Alaska, 2014
Tim Guthrie, Alaska, 2014

As any other kid who born and raised in a big city – I born in Aleppo, Syria.With a population of 4.5 millions – it took me years and years to understand the nature, though I always wanted to be in unity with nature, as much as I can, because I still have a lot to learn. Continue reading The day I embraced the mosquitoes

I would never shower like before…

Showering was a funny conversation the last two weeks among the members of our group,

Newtak, Alaska, 2014, by Tony Homsy S.J
Newtok, Alaska, 2014, by Tony Homsy S.J

we had limited resource of water in Bethel, (it coasts approximately 350$ per week to fill your tank). With kind of respectful and mindful attitude, we economize the using of water in good way. We weren’t neither anxious nor careless, and the whole group has a kind of agreement that it is more authentically of we do that, since our documentary has being oriented more and more toward environment and global warming issues…

Continue reading I would never shower like before…

Newtok … New-talk

Couple days ago, me and Tim (my videography teacher) went to Newtok, a tiny village at

Tony Homsy S.J., Alaska, 2014
Tony Homsy S.J., Newtok, Alaska, 2014

the Bering sea, Tim wrote on his blog about the purpose of this special adventure, here.

What we had seen in Newtok was kind of severe poverty, no trucks or cars, it is almost an isolated island, the only way to go there is by airplane, and it is expensive. Cold weather makes everything look poor, and life style is very demanding, imagine that you are obliged to use heating systems to survive, even in June! People there showed me the extreme different life of what we have in our ordinary one.  Continue reading Newtok … New-talk

The untold story of Ervin

Ervin's fishing boat at the Kuskokwim river, Alaska. By Tony Homsy, S.J.
Ervin’s fishing boat at the Kuskokwim river, Alaska. By Tony Homsy, S.J.

Couple days ago, a small group of us was invited to spend time with a fisherman, nothing more than taking some B-rolls for our documentary. It sounds interesting, we asked for life jackets, but we were more worry about our fancy equipments than our lives, “People die in the river” said the driver who drove us into the meeting point… Continue reading The untold story of Ervin