White Noise

Before I came on this trip, I knew that my goals were to be present and to soak up any information I could. I didn’t know much about immigration, besides the headlines I hear in the news.

These days it seems as if the news has just become the white noise to our daily lives.

The Drump

Mass Shooting in Orlando
A wall to stop illegal migration
Hilary Clinton
Obama’s Final Year
Syria’s Civil War
Hilary Clinton
Police Brutality

I had become numb to these daily reminders of the state of our world. Everything has become repetitive. Shootings here. Bombings there. Dehumanization. Grown ups bullying each other. I thought that was supposed to end when you become
an adult.

During our interviews we asked everyone where they found hope amongst all of the sadness. We heard a variety of answers, all were thought provoking. A new goal emerged for me: how to find something that sparked hope within me in order to inspire others.

I’m still working out the big goals, and I probably will be for awhile. But in the mean time, I’m setting smaller goals for myself. I’m trying to be more present with everyone I encounter. I’m trying to stand up to the bullies. I’m trying to show that all life has value.

I know I can’t change the whole world. But maybe I can change people’s worlds.

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