Treckking through

Screenshot_2016-05-21-14-07-31I do not do well in car rides. I am anxious, I am restless and I fell sick. Every morning I’ve gotten in the car and I’ve popped two Dramamine and put my anti-nauseau wrist bands on. I try an tell myself that it is all mental, but that doesn’t seem to help the constant waves of nausea and pounding headache I am experiencing.

I know my car sickness is insignificant and stupid. I know it will go away as soon as I get to Nogales, but for so many the constant struggle to find a better life will not end in Nogales. It will continue to follow them as they continue their journey into America or wherever they might end up.
As an individual I am an introvert. Much of the time I am contemplating without ever voicing my opinion. If you know me well you know that I like to be on my own. I find that the time by myself as almost therapeutic. I am able to run through the course of events of that particular day free from interruption. Being stuck in the car for two days has been really fun at time but also I’ve felt trapped. It’s been great getting to chat with people and getting to know more about them, but I am craving my own personal time and space.
I am nervous during this trip that I will struggle expressing my emotion and thoughts. A problem of constantly being in my head is that I tend to overthink and question myself.  know these next two weeks will be filled with challenges. I am hoping to see these challenges as opportunities that will strengthen me and my confidence.

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