Tourist, chef, professional lip singer

For the first time I felt like a tourist today. We did one interview with the director of the Kino Border Initiative and then we were on the road again. We had to drop Nico off at an airport back to Omaha for a wedding and then we went to Saint Xavier missionary.

Saint Xavier Mission Tucson, Arizona
Saint Xavier Mission Tucson, Arizona

It was absolutely beautiful both inside and out. The church was so busy yet so beautiful. The detail and purpose of the art work was unreal. Matthew and I climbed up this really rockey hill to the top where there was this white cross that you could see from miles away.

Cross over the land Tucson, Arizona
Cross over the land Tucson, Arizona

After that we went out to eat and then to another missionary that the Jesuit Kino started. It was really cool being there and seeing how they collaborated, not dominated, the indigenous culture.

To end the night, I was the grill master again. I grilled 17 pieces of chicken. Carol wanted to make Greek salads so three people helped her with that while I was outside. The chicken turned out great! Everyone really enjoyed it and it went great with the salad. While we were cooking we had a blast dancing and singing to songs. Some of my classmates thought I did musicals and plays growing up but I said no. It was so much fun though bonding with Carol and my other classmates.

Check out our snapchat @cubackpack to see some of my interpretive dancing to a Tarzan song and others exceptional dancing/lip singing skills.

4 thoughts on “Tourist, chef, professional lip singer

  1. Oh what fun!!! It sounds as though you are truly embracing all aspects of your trip! Enjoy and celebrate life!!! Dinner sounded great…yummy!!!

  2. Hi AJ
    Thanks for sharing the picture of the beautiful church. It is uplifting to see how prominent faith and Catholicism are to the people of this region. By the time your trip is over, you will be ready for participation as a chef on an episode of “Chopped.” God bless you, your fellow travelers, and the people of this land.

  3. The church is very beautiful just like the people that pray there. The cross is very simple…a reminder that simplicity is the way to live. Dad and I can’t wait for you to make supper for us when you get home! We may not need 17 pieces of chicken…3 pieces will do! Have a good evening! Love you!

  4. The church is beautiful! Wow, what detail!
    Sounds like you are having a great time! Can’t wait to have you over for dinner! We will let you cook and entertain 🙂

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