Top 9 quotes

As a journalist with a crappy memory, I have learned to avidly write down powerful quotes that I want to remember forever. After looking through all of my notes from our trip, these are the 9 that stand out to me the most:

  • “The challenge of immigration politics is that it is driven by fear”
  • “Celebrate resilience, give into moments of joy”
  • “What’s most personal is most universal”
  • “Try to listen to the space so you’re aware of what’s around you with an open heart”
  • “The border wall would not exist if we did not have borders between our ears”
  • “May she rest in peace, and may we be restless for peace”
  • “You can’t build a wall against hope”
  • “When you stop asking questions, you become complacent with the situation”
  • “You have worth. You deserve to be treated as a human being — I think that’s something we all need to hear”

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