The Process

Now that we are back in Omaha, some of the readers might be wondering what we are doing. Let me shed some light on the post-filming action.

John and I are setting up Isabel's interview in Tuscon, AZ.
John and I are setting up Isabel’s interview in Tuscon, AZ.

The first day back in the classroom was transcribing day. We had footage of 12 interviews, and each of us were assigned to type up the script of what was said in the interviews. Some had lengthier interviews than others. (Sorry Corpuz) This process took most of the day. Each interview equated to roughly 10-12 pages of script. I would consider myself a competent typist, but this task took me so long. Eventually, Aly came and took over for me. Much appreciated Aly.

On the second day, we split into two groups of six. The students with journalism backgrounds took the scripts and highlighted chunks of text that we could potentially use in the film. They gave the other six of us the highlighted packets, and we would find the quotes on the video and keyword them into categories so that they would be easier to find when we started assembling the pieces. For example: Fr. Neeley has a great quote about the wall. If we wanted to use that quote, we just have to go to the “wall” folder, and his quote would be in there, along with any other quotes about the wall.

On the third day, the group of journalists cut up the scripts and taped them onto a timeline. They tried to assemble the beginning of some sort of comprehensible order of subtopics. Nico, Maria, AJ, and I received the timelines, found the quotes on the computer, and assembled the timeline into the video sequence. This sequence was an hour and ten minutes long. (Our film is supposed to be around 20-25 minutes)

The next day, we watched what we had. It was very jumbled, so we had a meeting to edit, rearrange, and cut. Nico took our notes and went off to Nicoland to work on it. The rest of us stayed behind to take care of the academic portion of the program which is apparently really important or something.

The next morning, Nico brought back the his edit of the script. Keep in mind that at this point, all we have is talking heads. We are only trying to piece together the story. Somehow Nico got it down to 37 minutes. It actually made a little bit of sense this time. We had another meeting to cut it down further rearrange our storyline.

The creative juices are flowing, and I am really excited to see what we have tomorrow morning. As for tonight, I need to finish my essay for John’s class and my profile for Carol’s class. This whole concept of summer papers is really pretty nauseating, but if I have to write them in order to participate in this program, well I think it is more than worth it.

*** I have been told that the theme of my blogs has been too reflective and serious, so if you are wondering why I just hit you with a blog about my favorite foods, wonder no more. I was just trying to shake it up a little bit.

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  1. Matthew, I love this glimpse into our process. It is so interesting how it actually works and how we can make it pretty collaborative even with all of these people. I can’t wait to see the Nico cut.

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