The Last Day in Arizona

After spending two whole weeks in Nogales, Arizona in our own house, we had reached our last day in town. It had been a blast staying in the same home as everyone else and getting to know each other through games of Mafia, Tenzie, and Golf/Trash, through the number of dances parties that were held on the patio and in the kitchen, and through working together on meals for everyone (we never cared about having too many cooks in the kitchen). We had all gone through so much together; through times of both physical and emotional stress, we were always there for one another and always supportive of each other. We heard so many different stories from migrants and activists alike, interviewed so many people, and captured so much b-roll that we were all exhausted by the very end of the trip.

So after weeks of grueling hard work, our last day was spent at Patagonia Lake in Nogales, Arizona, where we were able to relax before heading back to Homaha. The day was filled with swimming on the beach, ballet lessons, drone flying,  good food, and great company. Even better was being able to end the day with a relaxing meditation session led by John, letting us completely unwind before going back to the house for the night. Despite the fact that people on the beach were laughing at us and commenting on how we looked creepy, all facing one direction with our eyes closed and our hands slightly raised, it was still a nice experience.

It was a great break for all of us to finish off our trip and leave on a lighter note, and I couldn’t think of a better way to mark the end of our journey.

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