The Journey Back Home

The end of our trip had shown up much quicker than I expected it to, and by the time I knew it, we were back on the road to return to Omaha. However, the van ride back home was a lot different than it was to Arizona. Before the two weeks, I was still getting to know everyone, and was still fairly shy, only having known two other people prior to the trip. But this time, the 22 hour drive back home was much more bearable, since these were people that I had grown close to and made friendships with during those two weeks. But, much like the first time around, it still consisted of a lot of sleeping, at least for me.

As always, we stopped for some really good food at several different places, including a small restaurant in Hatch, New Mexico that served delicious chile-covered burritos, and another restaurant close to Santa Fe that served even more delicious tacos. In addition to those restaurants, we stopped by the house of an old friend of Carol’s, who served us all breakfast with bagels, fruits, cookies, and coffee. Included with breakfast was a blast from the past, where we were shown old yearbook photos of Carol (who was rocking the thick-rimmed glasses) and her friend. We were very grateful for her and her husband’s hospitality, and were glad we were able to make that stop.

The trip back home gave us a couple of surprises along the way as well. We ran into a man who was running for office in the restaurant in Hatch, who gave us his quick spiel of why we should vote for him. Our vans got temporarily separated while looking for food through a confusion of directions. We even experienced a wreck right in front of us on the highway, where we pulled over for some of us to see what help they could offer (everyone, us and the drivers involved alike, we alright, no worries).

Overall, by the end of the second day, we were all glad to have made it safely back home, and even happier to make it soundly back to our own beds in our respective residences.

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