The Goose goes South

The first week of bootcamp was officially over and I was more than ready to get on the road.

After 10 hours of driving through Nebraska and Colorado, we found our way to Raton, NM. We will get up early once again tomorrow to set off for our final destination.

My van members that let me sleep on their shoulder, talked in weird voices, and sang for the ten hour drive.
My van members that let me sleep on their shoulder, talk in weird voices, and sing for the ten hour drive.

There are two other Marias on this trip so my companions have taken to calling  me “Goose.” In high school, my friends gave me the title. At first I despised it. There’s nothing cute about geese but they refused to change my animal because it was “perfect.” I couldn’t make any sort of connection besides the fact that I walk with my feet out.

Their reasoning was deeper than I had originally thought. They explained that I tend to not be afraid to confront people if something is bothering me. They talked about the exuberance that I bring into a room when I walk in. I’m protective of my friends and committed to team work. I had never really thought of myself like that and once I reflected on it, I became a proud goose.

Once my classmates had brought out my spirit animal name again, I decided that I really wanted to use those traits these next few weeks. I’m excited to get to know the traits and qualities of my other classmates and give them an animal to be proud of. Geese are team players and I want to build up my incredible backpack team. I can’t wait to encourage them to do their best work and see all of us develop as not just as individuals, but as one.

2 thoughts on “The Goose goes South

  1. Dear Backpack Team — Thanks for your wonderful blog posts! I am so proud to be connected at least indirectly with this wonderful program and of all of you for taking the risk to do this. I’ll be following you daily and encouraging others to do the same with occasional reminders to our student and alum list servs. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Travel safely and thanks for sharing your journey with the rest of us.
    Dr. Wirth

  2. From the Corpuz family, thank you for all of the blog posts. We are glad the travel has gone smoothly. We will continue to pray for you and to pray for those you will meet. Have a great time !

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