Small town Arivaca

We started off the morning interviewing Daniella, who I picked up from the airport in Phoenix a few days ago. Her story and testimony was very moving. She was truthful and you could feel her honesty during the interview.

Later we went to a town north of Nogales called Arivaca. Arivaca is a small town of no more than 50 people. Father Pete took us to mass that he was presiding over. When we walked in, myself and another guy called drafted to sing in the choir. This choir had zero talent and I couldn’t help but laugh the whole first song but it was a blast. We witnessed two baptisms and one first communion. It was really cool.

After mass and a pot luck dinner with the people of Arivaca we went to a ranch and interviewed its owners. I talked to the owner a lot during the lunch after mass so I shot b-roll around his property while everyone else interviewed them. I walked a lot around his 50,000 plus acres. The land here is truly spectacular. I have really enjoyed and cherished time that I’ve spent alone the last few days. There is so much to process and to be at peace in thought in this land is a blessing.

4 thoughts on “Small town Arivaca

  1. God’s beautiful world is all encompassing. We see Him in other people, through song, laughter, community, and nature. May the beauty of God’s love continue to shine in your life and those you meet on this journey. God bless you.

  2. He who sings, prays twice! Your beautiful voice brought joy to the Mass and to others! How nice of you to continue to share your God-given talents with your new friends. May God bless you as you continue this exciting journey each day and as you lead by example. Enjoy your remaining days on this mission…….Blessings to you always!

  3. In God’s eyes, the singing came from the voices of angels spreading HIS word. Grandma Olnes loved to sing and her angel collection was a collection of heavenly messengers. I am glad you are enjoying your journey…Love you!

  4. What an amazing journey you are on! I am hoping to hear more of the stories of the people you are meeting when you return. I’m sure I will gain a whole new perspective.
    I love reading your blog AJ. You are “all in”…whether it is lending an ear, grilling dinner, singing in the choir, dancing, driving for hours…and even taking the time to be still…and all the while enjoying it all. You will be blessed!

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