Seven Pounds

You might have noticed, but the guy to girl ratio for this team is way out of proportion. There are 3 guys and 9 girls. You may be thinking to yourself, “Wow. That would stink to be one of the three boys.”

Think again blog reader. Girls very rarely eat all of the food on their plate. I quickly became the garbage disposal of CUBackpack 2016. Everywhere we went, I’d finish my meal then three or four of the girls’ leftovers. I legitimately gained seven pounds in two weeks. To honor all the great food I got to have so much of, I thought I’d rank my favorite meals from the trip.

  1. Chimichanga at restaurant in New Mexico
  2. Chimichanga at La Roca
  3. Monument of Nachos
  4. Steak Burrito at Qdoba (I know. Disappointing. But I love me some free queso)
  5. La Has from the Mexican Mall
  6. Corpuz’s quesadilla from the restaurant in the Mexican Mall
  7. Pesto Chicken at the house
  8. Sonoran Hot Dog
  9. Chicken Burrito from La Ray
  10. Ba da da da da Banana Dog
Aly, Fargie, Natalie, AJ, and I are cooking up some dinner.

Thank you ladies for all the leftovers.

Let “Operation: Matthew Lose Weight” commence.

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