Now What?

Backpack Journalism is done.

There are no more classes, the final assignments are due, and we finally have a rough cut *woot woot*.

We had our last breakfast together, took the last group photo, and went on our way.

Last group photo
Last group photo before dissembling the fellowship

While getting back into a normal routine (study, cook/eat, work out, sleep, repeat) I have not been able to shake the feeling of ‘now what’?

It seems like an injustice to have this experience, but then return to Omaha and not change anything. Now that I am back to my ‘normal’ what is next? How can and should I use my experience at the border to better change the world I live in?

I have struggled with figuring out a realistic answer to this question. I do not see myself dropping everything and dedicating my life to the issue of migration but, in contrast, I feel like I cannot just do nothing.

First, on a personal level, I need to learn about the complexity of problems in our society. I need to reject my own ignorance and, though it may be hard, actually learn about the issues. You cannot do anything worthwhile without knowledge.

Second, I need to continue to recognize the marginalized in every community. There are people who are marginalized in Omaha and I have turned a blind eye. I need to recognize injustice instead of ignoring it.

This is a realistic first step, where I can use what I learned in Arizona to better myself and my community.

However, this still does not feel like enough. What actual things can I do to better work for the crucified people?

The honest answer is I do not know. I do think that this will help guide me in the future. That after this experience I will not settle for doing things for the purpose of doing something, I will need to find a greater purpose in what I do. However, other than that only time will tell.

So as of now, I’m out, Backpack Journalism 2016 it has been great.

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