Nothing bonds like a marathon car ride.

Me. Riding a dinosaur.
Me. Riding a dinosaur.

So incase you’re wondering, 12 passenger vans do not met the time estimations provided by Google Maps. We were on the road from 7:45 this morning until 8:45 this evening. It has been a long day. I will likely crash immediately after publishing this blog.

Shockingly, being confined to a small space for 13 hours makes it easy to get to know the people around you. So here is what I learned about my team today: John HATES pop music. Nico has never, in his entire life, eaten meat. Aj has somehow never seen The Friendly Giant. Putting your phone in airplane mode helps it charge faster. Mistaking the airplane mode button for the flashlight button will not help your phone charger faster. Also, I was introduced to the amazing music of the musical Hamilton.

On a serious note, I really enjoyed traveling today. I became a lot closer with the my teammates, and the scenery was beautiful. Nico played music that seemed to accompany our drive into through the pass into New Mexico perfectly. It was a great trip.

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