Not all goods things can be captured

At 3:30 am I woke up to start the day. After showering and eating we drove for about 10 minutes to a beautiful vantage point above the city. We broke out into our teams and we all had different shots we had to film of the sunrise. My partners name is Maria aka Goose (check out her blog to get the story behind her nickname). We climbed up a hill, higher than everyone else, in order to get the perfect shot.

We reached the top of the hill and could see almost all of Nogales, Arizona. It was quite a site to see. We set the camera up that we share in order to film the sunrise but it didn’t go as planned. Nico, our videographer expert didn’t mention the trick about shooting sunrises until we met back up at the van. Long story short we got to see a beautiful sunrise over the city and the landscape that empties to the mountains but our camera told a completely different story. Our aperture was perfect at the beginning but by the time the sun was up it was a white screen.

Sunrise in Nogales, Arizona
Sunrise in Nogales, Arizona

Later in the morning around 8, Joanna came back to our house and we went to a women’s shelter in Nogales, Sonora (Mexico). It was an eye opening experience seeing the women and their children who were either just deported or planning on making their way across illegally.

The thing I enjoyed most about today was getting to know some of my fellow classmates better. I had many good conversations wether it was walking across the border or walking around in downtown Nogales, Sonora. One of these walks led to where El Chapo lived and where he built his tunnel under the wall. It was really cool standing in front of his house and knowing that there is a tunnel under your feet that was used for drug smuggling among other things.

Tomorrow is another busy day and I am already excited. We have nine more days down here on the border until we depart back to Omaha and I already know that I am not going to want to leave. The culture, the people, and the landscape is truly unreal. I am blessed to be here and I hope I can really do something meaningful and impactful through this project.

Women's Shelter Nogales, Sonora
Women’s Shelter Nogales, Sonora

6 thoughts on “Not all goods things can be captured

  1. Hi AJ! I look forward to reading your updates! What an amazing experience you are on! I have no doubt that your presence there will be meaningful and impactful…for both you and those you meet.

  2. Hi AJ
    I am happy you are experiencing so many new adventures. As I read your blog and the blogs of others, I ask you the question, “How do you balance compassion and mercy with accountability in following the laws of our country?” Additionally, what is Mexico doing to provide freedoms and fundamental rights to its citizens to keep them living in Mexico without desperately trying to leave for the USA? God bless you and each person you meet on your journey.

  3. You may not have captured the sunrise with your camera… you captured the beauty of the sunrise in your heart. I am sure your smile gave the women and children a sign of hope…the hope to continue on..the hope to know that God is there for them.

  4. Hola from Wisconsin!
    Como estas? What an exciting assignment you were a part of so early this morning! We can just see you, hiking up and down the terrain, capturing the picturesque sunrise wearing a beautiful smile on your face! You are blessed to be having this wonderful opportunity; meeting so many people who are a part of all walks of life.
    Enjoy each day…..treasure the gifts you have been given…..always smile as you share your love for God with others! A quote from Blessed Mother Teresa…..”The person who gives with a smile is the best giver because God loves a cheerful giver.”
    Keep up the great work……we look forward to reading more of your blogs! We are proud of you!
    Adios……Buenas noches

  5. AJ – Excited to see you learning something new in a unique environment. Even though we have our immigration laws that everyone should follow, our hearts and minds can’t understand exactly what the immigrants are going thru. I know I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. Have a great time and may God bless you and keep you safe!

  6. Sounds like the adventure is in high gear! You are so very fortunate to see sights at a young age that most people will never see in a lifetime. These are experiences that will transform the way that you think and act. Keep searching for that perfect sunrise and sharing your compassion with those around you!

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