Holy Comm(union)

I am a thinker.

Simply finding an answer usually isn’t enough for me. I want to know why. I am intrigued by finding deeper meaning and reason behind something that is already believed to be true.

So naturally, when John told us about the Jesuit who compared their soup kitchen to a Eucharistic table, I spaced out of the next 10 minutes of the lecture and thought about this analogy.

Ok, this makes sense. A soup kitchen feeds, and the Eucharist feeds. Even the visuals are similar: lines of people waiting to receive food. But the more I thought, the more this made sense to me. When I think of the Eucharist, I think of three different aspects: life-giving, sacrificial, and unitive. Even thought the Eucharist offers a different type of life than the soup kitchen, they are still easily comparable. Food gives life. Also, the soup kitchen resembles the sacrificial nature of the Eucharist in a small way. Members of the Jesuit mission could be doing much more lucrative things with their time, but instead, they minimize themselves for the well-being of others. I see the concept of selflessness at the heart of both of these feasts.

Finally, and most importantly, I find the Eucharist to be unitive. Those who participate in this Holy Communion become united in Christ. The word union is even in Communion. Those who participate in the meal at the soup kitchen also become united, but by their experience. I find this unity to be an awesome theme considering the reason for this whole project is fueled by division a border brings. To me, this is a beautiful contrast. Amidst a world divided by a border, people come together to form a community.

Canyon Lake Park in Rapid City, SD. (My community)
Canon Lake Park in Rapid City, SD. (My community)

So, to be clear, I learned more in the last four days about filming and interviewing than I thought was realistically possible. But, what captured my mind most completely was the Jesuit’s analogy of the Eucharistic table. It’s beautiful, and it made me think. I loved it.


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