Final Blog

Peace out blog.
Peace out blog.

This is my final blog, and I still have one list blog to do, so here are my thoughts on blogging for the first time:

  • I love my blog because it acts as a journal for me. I can read back and remember my emotions and experiences.
  • I think it is cool that people not on our trip get a peak into what our experience is like by reading our blogs.
  • It gives me a chance to verbalize all the ideas floating around in my head. I learned too much on this trip, and sometimes I just needed to put ideas in my blog, so I could think more clearly.
  • It is a little bit of a hassle, especially when you are behind on the dates. Whoops.
  • I love seeing the pictures people post because I did not take very  many pictures myself.
  • I like reading other people’s blogs because it gives me an insight to the way they experience similar things even if they don’t share during reflection.

Thank you Carol, for making my write my first blog. Readers, I hope my ideas were not too all over the place for you. God Bless.


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