CU Backpack Playlist

So many of my memories on this trip had to do with music. Whether that was jamming in the car, being woken up at 4 a.m. to music being blared in the living room, or dance parties while making and cleaning up meals. Music was a part of our experience on the border. The following is a list of songs that when I hear them I cannot help but remember CU backpack 2016…

  1. CAN’T STOP THIS FEELING! Justin Timberlake

First, this is the real way the song is spelled, in all caps and with an explanation point. This song was known as Carol’s song as it was one of her favorites. We listened to this song at least once a day as a way to get the “party” started.

  1. Coyotes Don Edwards

I first heard this song as a wake-up call for our 4 a.m. b-roll shoot. The popularity of this song amongst the group sprouts from the coyote yips in the middle. Don Edwards is singing until suddenly there is a shrill euuuu-ouup sound like a coyote. We found this entertaining to imitate when both the song was playing and not.

  1. Dessert Dawin

This is another tune that we would jam to. There was even a dance move made specifically for this song where one would place their arms at ninety-degree angles in front of them flapping their arms like they were dribbling basketballs in anticipation for the beat to drop.

  1. Fuego (really anything by Natalia) Natalia Serna

Natalia Serna is a singer/ songwriter who we interviewed. She sings songs about the migration/ deportation process and sings at the commodore. We would listen to her music which is amazing and you can check out her work at

Me interviewing Natalia about migration and music
  1. Bad to the Bone George Thorogood & the Destroyers

This is another song that was played as a wake-up call for an early morning adventure. Only adventurers who are truly bad to the bone could hang with this crowd.

  1. Man in the Mirror Michael Jackson

This song is simply a classic and an obvious choice when it came to dancing in the kitchen while making and cleaning up dinner.

  1. Ave Maria Beyonce

I am pretty sure two days in a row we went through a border control checkpoint playing Ave Maria by Beyonce. This was a relaxing yet beat filled tune to center us for the long days we spent in the sun.

  1. Hamilton

I know this is somewhat heretical with the youths of today but I do not really follow Hamilton the musical. However, on this trip I got a little taste of the musical actually a big taste of the musical. Hamilton was always a go to when there was general apathy surrounding the music choice.

  1. Closing Time Semisonic

I think this might have been more of a personal song to add, but this song kept playing in my head during our final reflection because it was closing time on CU Backpack 2016. This song was also playing in our car as we rolled up to public safety to drop off the vans. Closing Time, in general, is always the best way to end any playlist, the perfect conclusion.

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