An Ode to Backpack Journalism

I knew I wanted to be a part of Backpack Journalism from the moment I decided to go to Creighton. I had heard so many wonderful things about the experience, and I knew it would be impactful for me and the career I wanted to pursue.

I didn’t necessarily know what I was in for when I signed up, and I think that’s the beauty of this trip. I knew we would be telling a story on film, but I never would have guessed that this story would be so personal and enriching to our group. I knew I would be challenged and taken out of my comfort zone, but I didn’t think I would gain a new perspective of humanity within this experience.

Getting that b-roll
Ryan and I making sure our camera is in focus to get b-roll of the border. So grateful to have worked alongside such talented individuals who made this experience that much more special!

I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity to be a part of Backpack Journalism. I hope that other students at Creighton will also be able to be a part of this experience because it is truly unique to the Creighton community and an unbelievably powerful way to experience and document the world. Backpack Journalism is in great hands and will continue to present the world to larger audiences in a remarkable way.

I did not have to travel far to experience the harsh realities of what others go through; these issues are at the doorstep of our country. With so much disparity and unrest in our country, I believe it is so important that Creighton sends students out into the world ready to stand in solidarity with those who suffer and work to perhaps alleviate that suffering. Experiencing the world in this way helped me understand realities that I never would have been able to fathom in a classroom setting.

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  1. Maren, this post brought me to tears. It is what we hope for the students, for all of us who are part of Backpack Journalism. The project is great because of students like you who pour their hearts into it, leaping out of their comfort zones.

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