Why, you ask?

Well I suppose I am not completely 100% sure myself yet, either way there’s no turning back now, and I couldn’t be more excited about that. For starters I will be going into my third year at Creighton in the Journalism track, so being in Journalism, naturally this trip interested me.

The other real reason I wanted to go on this trip was because I had been looking into independent journalist/reporting as a possible future job option for something such as “Vice” reporting. I always thought it would be an amazing experience to get an assignment, pack up and go somewhere far away to report on the current events happening there. This trip seemed similar in a way to that, which is what initially piqued my interest.

Finally, I just wanted to really try something new that I haven’t done before. I have never been apart of anything like this before and I can proudly say that I am excited to be a part of it now. I am curious as to what the trip will bring, what the culture, people, and Alaska overall will be like and what the experience will hold.

If I could only gain one thing from this it would probably be the experience itself. My main goal is to just step out of my comfort zone, try something new, and help out in anyway I possibly can.

Bethel, Alaska
TJ Moore

About TJ Moore

My Name is TJ Moore. I am currently studying Journalism at Creighton University and involved with the Backpack Journalism group 2014. I love learning new things and trying new experiences. I enjoy traveling, exploring, writing, art and music!

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