Considering all that my day was filled with today, I figured I better attempt writing a post on it. Today was a combination of long, fun, relaxing, and adventure.

My morning didn’t really consist of much, just the usual breakfast and briefing.  I wasn’t a part of an interviewing/filming team today, so it was a nice change of pace.  I got to sit back and enjoy my morning and get a chance to wake up for the day.

Around 2 or so, there wasn’t much going on and I didn’t really feel like being social, so I packed up my backpack, and just started walking. It was an amazingly beautiful day outside, the sun was shining and the clouds were puffy and white. I walked along the lake taking in the sights of people fishing, boats coming in and out, and just the vast amount of scenery. I walked to a more wooded area and took in the beauty of the trees and how particularly green everything looked. I probably walked a few miles down the shore and picked a nice spot and just sat there. It was there I had what I would call an “ah-ha” moment, as the natives here would say. It was quiet, peaceful, blissful, and tranquil. For some reason I could feel this deep connectedness, as corny as it sounds, and what some of the natives here have been saying, started to make a little sense.

After walking a little more and turning around, I saw the cutest little old native lady fishing over the edge of the path.  I walked up to her, smiled and asked if she had caught anything yet. We engaged in conversation and she ended up telling me stories of her impressive fishing skills and all of her travels.  I really love talking to elders here, they are all so wise and always have a story or two to tell.

Later, after eating dinner, the rest of the team left here (that didn’t go to the interview) got to experience kayaking. This was actually my first time going, and it turned out to be really fun. We went up a river and after 2 hours turned around. When I wasn’t paddling far ahead of the others, I would sit back and watch the sky as I drifted down the river once again taking in everything around me. For the most part I had fun and it was relaxing. While it was fun, my whole body is currently sore, so with that, a fun end to a great day.



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My Name is TJ Moore. I am currently studying Journalism at Creighton University and involved with the Backpack Journalism group 2014. I love learning new things and trying new experiences. I enjoy traveling, exploring, writing, art and music!

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  1. So many experiences that you are getting a chance to take in. Make the most of this great adventure. Proud of you and happy for you all at the same time.

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