TJ: The Jovial

TJ, or Taylor Jeffery if you are feeling formal, Moore reclines in a chair and flashes his characteristic, joking smirk as he recounts growing up as an only child.

“I chose to see it as a positive. Like I didn’t have to share anything. Plus I found out that you can play with just about anything, I got really creative,” said Moore.

Moore, a junior journalism student who grew up in Omaha, beliefs that life is a lesson waiting to be learned and he is eager to observe.

You will never find him without his two necklaces on. The shell necklace was bought for him by his uncle and reminds him of California, where he lived for the first two years of his life. The pendant with overlapping metallic circles he bought for himself. The symbol is called “the flower of life” and represents a sacred understanding of nature.

“I was raised Catholic and still go to mass and stuff, but I see God most through nature. Just all around me, and especially here in Alaska because I get to go outside and on walks so much,” said Moore.

After graduating high school from Roncalli Catholic, an achievement Moore would describe as his greatest accomplishment, he came to Creighton and his love of writing led him to the journalism department. Moore decided to go on the Backpack Journalism Program as a way to gain more experience in a field he is interested in pursuing.

“I think it would be great to do investigative journalism. Things like this actually! To tell a story no one is going to hear and find a way to make people care,” said Moore.

The past-faced nature of investigative journalism seems like a contrast to Moore’s laid-back personality. He enjoys going on walks alone so that we can have a quiet time to reflect. He identifies Key West, Florida as the best place he has ever traveled to because it is so relaxing. But it is the idea of sharing and listening to stories that compels Moore to pursue his degree in journalism.

“I feel lucky to have been able to hear the stories of the people here and I feel like I learned so much. There is a lot of power in words and being written,” Moore says with a raised eyebrow that expresses his spirit of constant curiosity.

Always the wanderer, TJ hikes up to get a closer look at a glacier in Seward, AK.
Always the wanderer, TJ hikes up to get a closer look at a glacier in Seward, AK. Photo curtesy of Stephanie Tedesco. 


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