Think Like a Journalist.

Its amazing how far this group has come five weeks later. It seems like yesterday we had our first class where we were first learning what B-Roll was, ISO, aperture, and various camera settings that still haunt me today. At times these past few weeks I sometimes catch myself “thinking like a journalist” by always asking questions and following up on them by digging deeper into my questions and the person I am asking them too. Its amazing that when we first started I had no idea how to use any of these settings. And if you were to hand me a t5i today I would be able to go out and start shooting film or take pictures. You think I would know how to use some of these settings considering my mother is a photographer and she has cameras and pictures allover the place. And now I find myself looking at and experimenting with all her old camera equipment. It definitely makes me more happy that I can now have this experience under my belt and have a greater appreciation for the photography field.

The night we had to sleep in the Anchorage airport and every night that first week we were back I was constantly thinking. I could not sleep because so many thoughts were running through my head about my experience in Bethel. In Bethel and with this class experience filming a documentary, I had a sense of purpose. This “vacation” was unlike any other vacation I had. While others were relaxing, this one was meaningful and gave me a sense of purpose and drive to do something for the Bethel community. As I was processing this, I kept thinking how can I keep this sense of purpose and drive with me when I return to Omaha? It was difficult to think about, but when the answer dawned on me it seemed so simple. Even though I’ve been born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska my entire life, there is a community that I still have yet to explore parts of. That is my new goal not just for right now or for a small while, but something I can become a part of for the rest of my life by helping out, serving others, or just enjoying. Its amazing what Bethel had to offer which really opened my eyes to see what my hometown, Omaha has to offer. That is definitely something that I will carry on with me, knowing that I can make a difference not matter where I am at in this world.

Thank you to all for this experience. It is one that will stick with me the rest of my life. I wish everyone could have the experience I had. My advice to all would be to stay engaged in your community, constantly know that everyone has a story waiting to be told, take chances while you have it, know you can do this anywhere in the world, and think like a journalist.


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  1. Lovely blog, Kari, and I really love your last paragraph of advice. It’s a lot of what I try to do all of the time, but you have distilled the essence beautifully. I am so glad you were part of our trip.

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