The wilderness must be explored! Caw Caw Rawr!

Last night we had kind of a relaxing night. We went to Stan’s fish camp and grilled some hot dogs and hamburgers. It was cold so I layered up (5 layers… yes I get cold easily…) but I ended up having to take 2 off after a couple games of knock out. I was surprisingly good at this game… (thanks neighbors for all the practice) especially playing in layers and boots. Boots are not fun to play basketball in, but I won two games in a row! Woot! And after we ate, we made s’mores and all sat around the campfire. Oh! and we had salmon, after the s’mores. It was fresh out of the river.

The scenery was great. We were just off the river surrounded by trees. Stan had built basically everything there. It was pretty cool. His tent with a heater inside was built by him. Sitting inside to hide from the mosquitos (the GIANT mosquitos) I came to realize it looked like something straight out of a movie about camping. I have never been camping, but it seems fun, except for the mosquitos. I couldn’t handle it. I don’t like bugs. Thats why I cannot go camping. But hey while I’m here, “The wilderness must be explored! Caw Caw Rawr!”

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