So much to say!

Yesterday was a very eventful day for me. We interviewed two outstanding people, filmed some B-roll, and went exploring Bethel (or at least me and a few other classmates did). The first interview was Cecilia. She reminded my of a stereotypical grandmother. She brought us homemade food and loved to tell stories about her life. The salmon dip (more fish! yay!) she brought us was just delightful. Put it on a cracker and you have got one tasty snack. I could eat a whole bowl of it in one sitting. (Probably not the healthiest idea in the world, but it was just so yummy!) Anyway, enough ranting about food (I can’t help it. I’m Italian.) All of us were captivated by Cecilia’s stories. Before the interview even started she was telling us detailed stories about her culture and life. I love hearing elders tell their life story. You can just learn so much from them about the time when they grew up. Yes, you can learn things like this in a history class, but theres nothing like a personal story. I learned this the other day when Rose told us her life story. I had taken a Native American History class in the past and recognized some of the things she talked about, but her story was just so moving I felt like I hadn’t fully understood the meaning of the history facts until that day.

The second person we interviewed yesterday was Brian McCaffery. He talked about the environmental changes and the affect they have on the area and spirituality of the Yup’ik people. During this interview I was in charge of holding the boom microphone and listening to the audio for any irregularities. When this trip first started, I had no interest in being the interviewer or being in charge of audio. But like I mentioned in my first blog, it is my goal this trip to push the limits on my comfort zone. So yesterday I controlled the audio (which wasn’t as bad as I imagined, although my arms and shoulders are a little sore today.) and today I will be the person interviewing and asking the questions.

Late last night, a few other classmates and I went out and explored the tundra surrounding the town. We walked down a trail and instead of heading back down the trail we walked through the tundra. I do not even know how to explain it other than, it was like walking on a giant sponge that covered miles and miles. It was extremely tiring but a great workout. I was thinking about the history there as I was walking. Who walked on the land I was walking on hundreds of years ago? Whoever it as must’ve been in great shape. It was still an amazing experience. I just want to go sit out there and reflect. No one around and complete silence. Just sit there staring out at miles and miles of spongey tundra and thinking. It seems like a great place for reflection.

There is so much more I can say about yesterday, but for now we will leave it at that. Every blog I write I start with one idea in mind and end up with something completely different. There’s is just so much to tell you!

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