So It Begins

This is only the second day of the trip and there have been many firsts for me already. I was on he shortest flight I’ve ever been on and the longest. I slept in an airport, and landed in the smallest airport I’ve ever been in. Just the process of flying here has been an adventure. It has sparked mindset that I want to try everything and anything. I’ve never been a real adventurist and just seeing the mountains from the plane above and out the window of the Anchorage airport made me think “I wonder what it would be like to climb a mountain.” I have never thought about going mountain climbing in my life. It always seemed too dangerous for me. But just being here and experiencing things I have never experienced before has in a way brought me out of my comfort zone and makes me want to continue to push the limits of that zone. Hopefully as the trip goes on I will have experienced more new things that get me out of my comfort zone and keep me wanting more.

Time feels so different here. Maybe it is the constant daylight that confuses me. It will be 9:00 at night and it looks like it is 3:00 in the afternoon. Surprisingly I do not have trouble sleeping. I am so tired from all the activity during the day that I can sleep through the bright light. The room I am staying has no curtains on the windows, so there is light just streaming in. I use the cycle of light and dark at home to plan out my day. When the sun is rising, it is time to get up. When the sun is starts to set it is dinner time. Here it is hard to tell what time it is based on the light. Maybe I just cannot tell the time here because I am not constantly checking my phone.

The first two days without phone service has been a little bit weird. I keep wanting to check my phone. I do not think I even realized how much time I spend on my phone at home. I constantly check it for messages, phone calls, emails, and just to see what time it is. Here I have no phone service so I am not getting my usual messages from friends and family. It is kind of nice to not have that constant distraction. Without it I am really bonding with the people around me. I think this world needs to be less in the digital world and more in the real world.

I fee like when I go home the three things I will have to readjust to are the time, light cycle, and my phone. I feel like after two weeks of 24 hour sun, time will go by so fast with the darkness. I am going to get used to no night. I will also have to get used to being back in central time, which is three hours later. The last thing I may have to readjust to is my phone. I may not be as addicted to it as before, but I feel like I may start not paying attention to it. Since it is always on silent, I may miss phone calls and messages because I will be used to not having a phone. I hope I won’t miss too much living in the real world. I really do enjoy spending time with people and not having everyone text 20 different people at the same time. Ok. 20 is a bit of an exaggeration, but how can you have a real conversation in person with someone when you are having so many other conversations going on at the same time?

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