Settling Back In

This week has felt long but now that its over, it feels like it flew by. We continue to work on editing the film, cutting clips, saving good shots, and moving on to whatever the next task happens to be. Its a lot of busy work but I don’t really mind. Its cool to see progress being made.

I’ll say that it does feel weird to be back, the world definitely does not stop turning for you because you leave for 2 weeks and have no cell phone service. I suppose it’s just odd to jump right back into the routine again. It’s also weird to find myself being conscious of things like how much water I am using (even though one of the first things I did after getting back was enjoy a 20 minute shower), what I am eating and just  things like that.

I can also say that one of the things I miss is not having cell phone service. Yes, I enjoy communicating with the people I choose to, but I have realized that over half the time it’s calls, e-mails, and things I could really go without. Speaking of things I could go without, another thing I miss about Alaska is that there was no McDonald’s for miles. I am ashamed to say that I have been there three times since being back. So while I am ecstatic about being home, I have to say I could go with one less phone call from the Red Cross, and one less tempting McDonald’s around the block.

Being in Alaska (I think at least) has helped to shape me a little more spiritually. It was truly a gift to be taken out of this culture we are all in and shown beliefs from a different perspective. The Yup’ik people have something special up there, and by listening to them I have learned a lot. They seem to have this deep connection to the earth, while also having a connection with the universe. They see people as people, past the walls of religion or beliefs, and for the most part are the most welcoming and accepting people I could ever imagine. They have this amazing gift, their perception that doesn’t seem present here in the lower 48. It has been quite interesting to see the difference.

Overall, I am glad to be back home. While I thoroughly enjoyed my time up there, I also missed things like driving, cooking, and people of course. I am sure that my home will always be down here, but I know that a little piece of me was left up in the mountains.

photo by Stephanie Tedesco
photo by Stephanie Tedesco


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