Passion Comes Home

I left Alaska knowing we had done a lot of hard work there: 13 interviews, hours and hours of B roll, and pages of notes and rough outlines for the story.

We couldn’t physically see the work until we were once again in Hitchcock 205, less than 24 afters setting foot in the Omaha airport after the flight from Anchorage.  Read  Madeline’s reaction to this here.

In the classroom, we found ourselves labeling and sorting files, looking through raw footage and transcribing most of the interviews. I thought the fun was over once we stepped back into the Murphy Media Lab—no more tundra adventures, no more interviews, no more games of Bananagrams or BS, no more fresh salmon for dinner.

A different type of fun was just starting.  After a few days of getting everything organized, the writing team assembled and dove into the best quotes from our interviewees and started the process.

Writing and rewriting.  Arranging and rearranging.

Writing Team working on the script
Writing Team working on the script

Matching the timeline to the script.  Matching the script to the timeline.

It’s time-consuming, tedious, and hard but I love this.

When we figure out a storyline, order of narration, or sequence of clips there’s a sense of accomplishment in the room.  We look around the room with smiles on our faces and high fives are given all around, but we still know it will be a long way to go until it is finished.  But those little successes keep a smile on my face.

Throughout all of this, I feel just as passionate as when we were in Alaska.  Back in Omaha is the where we take the words from Alaska and craft them into a  story in the best way we can.

I love seeing all of the pieces we collected during our time in Bethel come together, and knowing that I’m a part of the team that has done this extremely is gratifying.


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