Our Photogenic Camping Trip

You know those camping/hiking/generally outdoorsy photo spreads? The ones where sunshine is peeking through tall grass, there is a ridiculously attractive family, and there is usually a dog running around in the background? Well, looking through the photos of the last two days, I realized that Alaska has somehow transformed all of us from grimy college kids who may or may not have showered in about 4 days into National Geographic photo stars. (at least in our minds) I am convinced that it all boils down to the vibrancy of the river life here on the Kuskokwim. Hidden marshes and rustic fish camps abound. Suited up in as much rain gear as we could find, 16 college students tramped through mud, hacked through grass, cut down trees, and basically ran on the energy given to us by our spirit of adventure. Maybe it is all in my head. It is very possible that I am still merely riding the high of fresh Alaskan air. However, I do believe that Alaska has given us a new energy that is evident in our work and in our attitudes toward life.

Zon, our guide's son, wanders through the marsh grasses of a Kuskokwim river meadow.
Zahn, our guide’s son, wanders through the marsh grasses of a Kuskokwim river meadow.
Claire Storey

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My Name is Claire Storey. I am a Journalism and Graphic Design double major with a minor in English. I have always had a passion for travel and for sharing in the life experience. I aim to help convey the human experience by expanding my world view and revealing it to others.

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