Nothing like a burger combo in Aleppo…

If you asked me what is my favorite sandwich, what I am grieving for! Without hesitation, it is the Burger sandwich I used to eat in my hometown Aleppo. It is the best combo that I may dream about, they put everything inside the two bones; mayo, french fries, cheddar, corn, everything I miss when I dream about food. It tastes like heaven.

But if you asked me what is my dream, I would say: A National Geography journalist, it smells like my favorite burger, the best combo: photography added to creative writing, with a lot of traveling, further is better… all covered with deep anthropology and theology research, the NG spirituality… as I may say.

I still need to go back home to have my favorite burger, but that not the case if I want the NG combo. Here in Omaha I found the best place who makes this combo. Creighton University, Journalism department, Hitchcock building, 2nd floor… the kitchen is room no. 205. Here they prepare for us. not the best steak in midwest, but the best Journalism combo. A trip to Alaska, to shoot a documentary, about the native Yupik, and the Church there. It is still hard to believe that all what I want are in one project.

I liked the Alaskan flavor added to this sandwich, it is a little bit salty, but Alaska represents the furthest point you would imagine, special for Mediterranean guy like me. If I would go to Alaska, anywhere else will look close, easier to go in another adventure no matter what the obstacles would be. Yes I like to push my limits and be a man on frontier, as the Church asks the Jesuits to be.

I am looking forward to learn how to cook for the first time in my life, how to prepare this combo sandwich in each single spot I would live in. I want to share people stories and retelling those stories to others… either by a still shot, a documentary, a reflection, or a creative blog… And why not! A combo sandwich, where I could put everything together in one authentic digital journalistic combo sandwich. Yes, it tastes like heaven too.


Tony Homsy S.J.

About Tony Homsy S.J.

Tony is a Syrian Jesuit from the Middle East Province, he is 29 years old and is the webmaster for his Province's website. After he graduated from University of Aleppo in Bio-chemistry department, he joined the Society, spending two years Cairo, Egypt, after which he studied philosophy and Arab Civilization in Beirut, Lebanon. He is currently a student at Creighton University in Omaha where he studies Digital Journalism and Computer Science. Besides studying, Tony spends time on photography translating to and from Arabic.

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