No more amateur documentaries

The crew in action... my keystone for future projects
The crew in action… My keystone for future projects.

Our documentary wasn’t the first video experience for me… Though, I learnt a lot as technique, heavy practicing will improve your skills whatever level of professionalism you had… But what I discovered more was than I am not a professional yet… documentary is more than camera and photographer… This why I won’t film a documentary the way I used to. 

No more solo: What a joy to work with group! I mentioned that before, but I won’t fed up telling you this very fact again and again. What a relief to realize that your craziness is not a rare disease, and others have the same syndromes too. I won’t make a documentary with one-line credits. It is hard I know, first because deep inside there is the old Tony. Second, Because I can not have the same awesome group somewhere else?

No more puppet: Classic way to make a video is to ask someone what you need him to tell, to act like a puppet. Once you finish, everything is over! I learned that the gems never been found from the first sight, always takes time to find them. So, I will be more respectful, I want to live with them: eat, walk, and listen while my camera is off. I won’t be that user anymore, consuming products. I want to be the taster, the one who enjoy each single detail. 

No more skits: As I want to stay more with people, and take my time to deepen my understanding for them. I want to stay with my shots and my personal reflection. My project need to be fermented. Exactly the way I do with my writings, never been in hurry to submit my blogs on time. (love you Carol).

The words above will never be the last about this special experience, but before I will finsh the last official blog. I want to thank my colleagues who have been teachers for me during this experience, and for sure I won’t forget my professors. Because I would never realize this if I stayed looking into my reflection in the mirror. And thank you because you moved me a step closer to professionalism. 

Tony Homsy S.J.

About Tony Homsy S.J.

Tony is a Syrian Jesuit from the Middle East Province, he is 29 years old and is the webmaster for his Province's website. After he graduated from University of Aleppo in Bio-chemistry department, he joined the Society, spending two years Cairo, Egypt, after which he studied philosophy and Arab Civilization in Beirut, Lebanon. He is currently a student at Creighton University in Omaha where he studies Digital Journalism and Computer Science. Besides studying, Tony spends time on photography translating to and from Arabic.

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