Nico Sandi: The Storyteller

Crouched on the ground, his forearms rest on his knees while a monopod stems from the bottom of his camera. His hands fold over the body as he pulls the camera to his right eye. Wrinkles form at the corner of his left eye as it closes relinquishing his full attention to the viewfinder and the scene the lens holds before him.

His left hand cradles the lens, sliding the focus ring back and forth ever so slightly before their faces become sharp. His right hand grips the camera’s body as his finger fidgets with the shutter speed dial. When the exposure is right and the aperture is set, his index finger hovers over the shutter button.


Kids riding bikes in Bethel. (Photo: Nico Sandi)
Kids riding bikes in Bethel. (Photo: Nico Sandi)

Nico Sandi captures a moment shared between three children on their bikes in Bethel, Alaska.

Nico can be found all over the world with a camera in hand.

Prior to his trip with Creighton’s Backpack Journalism program to rural Alaska, his past two summers were spent on other backpacking trips: a trip though Europe with his sister and a solo trip to Patagonia.

“I love traveling. It’s when I’m most comfortable. I considered myself to be someone who lives a simple life. I don’t like to carry to many things, traveling with a backpack is very much me,” Nico said.

The Backpack Journalism project is just the very beginning of Nico’s summer video adventures. He is also working on a video about the 25th anniversary of the Jesuit martyrs in El Salvador for RSP classes this fall and will be traveling to his home country, Bolivia, to film a documentary about Jesuit missions with Don Doll, SJ.

Nico's Favorite photo from Alaska.
Nico’s favorite photo from Alaska. (Photo: Nico Sandi)

When forced to choose a medium, he prefers video over still photography because he can focus on the story instead of being bogged down by photography rules.

“Video is just a series of photos put together. In video, you can tell a bigger story in a more compelling way than a picture,” Nico said.

With his love of backpacking and video, it was as if Backpack Journalism project was tailored precisely to him.

“It’s basically what I want to do with my life. I want to go and do backpack journalism—travel around the world and find interesting stories and find a good way to tell them through video or photography,” Nico said.

Nico is a storyteller; instead of using a pen and paper, he uses a camera.

“I really like to tell stories about people. I want to do meet people, find what their story is, and show that to others.”

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