Nearing the End

Tonight marks Tuesday night, which means we only have two full days left here in Bethel. That also means that in two days, our documentary will officially be in our possession.

Not edited and finished though, of course.

As you may or may not know, Friday morning our time in Bethel ends as we embark on a journey to Seward, Alaska. Our job as film makers will be put on hold while we zone into our inner tourists/little kids and simply explore the sites to see. What this also symbolizes is the end of our filming. Once we leave, there is no coming back. Hidden inside the many hours of footage that have been captured during our stay lies the film that we’ll title and share with all of you.

I realized this thought late last night, on yet another sunset walk. Like the setting sun, it’s bitter sweet to imagine that in so many ways, this experience is lurching towards the end. While I’m beyond excited to begin the editing process and complete our film, I’m terribly sad that the filming side is almost done.

Exploring Bethel to film B-roll has been an absolute treasure. Something about looking through a lens makes you see the world differently. As you stare at a location through the eye of the camera, it forces you to slow down and take it all in. The shapes, the colors, and how objects relate to one another. This trip has given me the opportunity to view Bethel in the most beautiful way possible and even though I’m terribly sad to leave it so soon, I’m ecstatic to share what we’ve witnessed with everyone back home.

2 thoughts on “Nearing the End

  1. Morgan, I love this post. I am glad that you have that feeling of capturing a place with the camera lens, to find the story or ways to illustrate the story.

  2. I love your last paragraph here- it is so true! Seeing the world through a camera lens really does change everything. I’m so so excited to see all the footage and catch a glimpse into the Alaskan world that you all have been experiencing.

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