My Return to the other “aska”!

Coming home from that long two weeks in Alaska was quite a strange experience. You seem to get used to a routine, and it is weird to not wake up early everyday and eat breakfast with everyone in the social hall. At first on the trip, I felt like I had a lot to do because we were kept pretty busy in Bethel. We are still busy with editing here at home, but that is a different type of busy.

A big thing I continue to carry with me from Alaska would be how much I will miss not being able to use my cellphone. Don’t get me wrong,  I am a frequent user of my cell phone, and love the benefits of being able to talk to my friends on it, but sometimes it is just easier without it. When I didn’t have a cellphone on me, it was pretty great because without a constant screen flashing in my face, I was able to appreciate the moment I was in more, because at the time, that was the only thing that I had to focus on.

I also continue to carry with me from the trip, a deep appreciation and thankfulness for what I have been so blessed to have, a place to stay, food and shelter and people who love me. Along with that thankfulness however is a layer of gut-twisting guilt that I feel. When I got home, I opened the cupboard to find it overflowing with junk food and snacks (now usually this would be a beautiful sight to me), but I felt horrible to have all this food that I didn’t think I deserved.

Overall, coming back has been a challenge with jet lag and the struggles of travel, but I am sure glad to be home.

TJ Moore

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My Name is TJ Moore. I am currently studying Journalism at Creighton University and involved with the Backpack Journalism group 2014. I love learning new things and trying new experiences. I enjoy traveling, exploring, writing, art and music!

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