Morgan and I taking a selfie while being pulled by the sled dogs
Morgan and I taking a selfie while being pulled by the sled dogs

The last few days have all sort of blurred together. One thing that has stood out  though has been the overall sense of adventure and spontaneity that we have all taken on.

At the beginning of the trip, most of the group was tentative to do things they hadn’t done before. (At least when it came to working the equipment) however, as the days passed, the welcoming spirit of the community in Bethel helped us to open up.

Speaking for myself, I never imagined eating fish eggs, moose, caribou, seal, or Eskimo ice cream, but now I have eaten all of them. I also didn’t know I would get the chance to ride on the back of a 4-wheeler being pulled by a team of sled dogs. It was an amazing experience and I can only look forward to more adventures as the last few days wind down.

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My Name is Claire Storey. I am a Journalism and Graphic Design double major with a minor in English. I have always had a passion for travel and for sharing in the life experience. I aim to help convey the human experience by expanding my world view and revealing it to others.

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