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Coming back from Bethel, it has been a process of really hunkering down. From naming and organizing video clips to transcribing interviews, trimming quotes, and putting together B-roll sequences, it has been a lot of hard work. Not only have we been working as a group, but we have all been individually working on our own papers and projects too.
For instance, TJ and I have been working on our iPad mini story. It is a piece about sled dogs and the K300 race. While it was definitely a fun process to go film the dogs, putting together the video was not exactly a cake walk.
I will take a fair amount of credit for our troubles. Prior to going to film, I had plugged in my iPad to charge right next to Erin’s. In my hurry and excitement to leave and go see puppies, I accidentally grabbed Erin’s iPad instead of mine… I ended up having to film on her iPad and then Tim downloaded the footage onto the drive with the rest of the trip’s footage so we could get it later. However, that was more easily said than done.
Monday morning (June 30), TJ and I came in at 8:30 to work on our video. Class wasn’t going to start until 10:30 that day, so we thought we would have sufficient time to get a good part of our movie done. Of course, getting the footage from the computer system onto the iPad was much more of a process than we bargained for. We spent the entire two hours (and part of our actual class time) trying everything we could think of to be able to access the footage in the iMovie app on the iPad. None of it worked. In the end, we had to talk to Tim and ask for help. Tim told us we should probably just do our project on the computer and, luckily, Carol agreed when she heard everything we had tried.
Obviously, I do not have the best luck with technology. However, I have come to accept that I will probably always be fixing my stupid mistakes. As long as I am willing to buckle down, try everything, and put in some hard work and time, everything will come together in the end.

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My Name is Claire Storey. I am a Journalism and Graphic Design double major with a minor in English. I have always had a passion for travel and for sharing in the life experience. I aim to help convey the human experience by expanding my world view and revealing it to others.

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