It’s the Little Things

My previous blogs have been raving about the people and the places I have encountered over the past five weeks.  They are all true, but I feel like I’m omitting the little things that have made this project great.

  • Blogging parties:  We spent many night in the lobby of the church blogging.  While trying to blog, we would end up explaining our love for videography, sharing our best photos from the day, all while trying to charge our iPad mini keyboard.  Amongst the distractions, we managed put together thoughts into this very blog.

    Blogging party
    Blogging party
  • Pilot bread:  We discovered pilot bread and it was life changing (or at least to Scotty P).  Pilot bread is this hard cracker with its only purpose being a vechile for peanut butter.  When we found this gold mine of pilot bread in Swanson’s grocery store, we knew we had to show it to Scott.

    Scotty P and his pilot bread
    Scotty P and his pilot bread
  • Losing boots to the tundra:  Rain boots were the unanimous footwear of choice for the entire time in Bethel.  They were extremely useful for walking in the mud on the tundra, except when we would come across water and knee-deep mud. While being hounded by mosquitoes on the way back to the truck, a lost boot brought some much needed humor.

    Tony lost his boot in the mud
    Tony looking at lost his boot in the mud
  • Finding obscure restaurants and coming out with funny stories:  Our last meal in Anchorage was at an abandoned Italian restaurant, Guido’s.  Many emotions were felt during that dinner — overwhelmed by the breadbaskets, underwhelmed by the baklava.  It really messed with our heads, but now is a fond memory of a weird time in our lives.

    Dinner at Guido's
    Mari with the baklava at Guido’s
  • Two words: Puppy day.  Just like at midterms’ Puppies and Brownies, Carol and Nichole brought in their dogs for the last full day of class.  During the lunch break, we got to play with the dogs in Hitchcock’s newsroom.
    Giving Sadie a treat on Dog Day
    Giving Carol’s dog, Sadie, a treat


This entire trip was amazing and there were many big moments to remember, but I look forward to remembering the little lovely things that made me smile.

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