In Good Hands

I have heard someone here say that they moved to Bethel because they wanted to be a part of of community that truly cared about each other. This is a special place. I haven’t seen kindness like this anywhere else; not in New York City, Omaha nor my hometown of under 2,500 people.

Bethel isn’t just buildings and roads, it’s full of warm and welcoming people.  Their  kindness has been shown to us in various ways, from sincere hellos to delicious salmon to sharing their stories with us.

Here some examples of their great kindness:

  • On our first day we walked through Bethel and were greeted with hellos and even a “Go Creighton!” from a passing car. While walking across the boardwalk we heard some, “Hi, people on the boardwalk!” from a house across the tundra.
  • We’ve enjoyed fish, boxes of produce, and oatmeal cookies given to us by parishioners of the Church.
  • Our fixers in Bethel, the lovely Sarah and Alisha, have been a extremely valuable resources to set up interviews, brainstorm iPad mini feature story ideas, and connect with generosity people in Bethel.
  • While shooting B roll near the docks, it started to rain hard so we ran back to John’s truck and began to pile in when another truck came up beside us and ask if we had enough room. We did, but the gesture was so considerate.
  • Our group at Stan's fish camp (Photo: Tony Homsy SJ)
    Our group at Stan’s fish camp (Photo: Tony Homsy SJ)

    The local barber hosted all of us at his fish camp for dinner where we had a night by the river and around a campfire. He’s not only done this for our group but all the other groups that have stayed at the church so far this summer.

These are just a few instances of their generosity.  The people have invited us into their kitchens, fish camps, boats, struggles, and hopes for the future. And I am so thankful.

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  1. Hi Catherine- love this post! I know it’s on the other side of the planet, but I feel like our experience in Uganda was similar with everybody greeting and welcoming you with open arms even though they know absolutely nothing about you. I remember I suddenly had this urge to wave to every human I passed when I got back to Omaha- sadly it doesn’t have quite the same reaction. I’m so glad to hear you got to experience the community and get a sense of the culture- looking forward to seeing the film! Congrats on all of your hard work so far and good luck with the rest of your work!


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