I Just Wanted To Go!

The second I learned about the Backpack Journalism trip I wanted to go. I did not care where in the world we were going, I just wanted to go. But why? Was it the video aspect that drew me in? Or was it the theology aspect that caught my attention? I’ve always loved making videos and taking photos. A couple of months ago I was going through some old video tapes I found. About half of them were my sister and I goofing off, but I was always the one behind the camera and my sister was always the star. In eighth grade each student in my class was asked “What will you be doing in 20 years?” The answers were recorded in a memory book, and I said I was going to be a photographer. There I am again behind the camera. I’ve just always loved capturing moments and sharing stories visually.  This is why I chose to be a photojournalism major, and possibly why I so badly wanted to go to Bethel, Alaska this summer. There is also a possibility that the theology aspect appealed to me. I’ve always loved to help people and volunteer. Being there for people and putting a smile on someone’s face by just doing simple things to help is a part of me. It is who I am. And sometimes the only thing you can do to help is share a person’s story/ There are so many stories in the world that deserve to be heard. The story of the Yup’ik people is only one of these stories and I hope that I will enjoy this experience enough to continue sharing stories after this trip. This will definitely be new and exciting for me, and I cannot wait!

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