Great Scott!

“Stories exist in the world independent of us. All we are are conduits through which they flow.” Earnest Hemingway is that you? No, no, it’s Scott Prewitt.

You may all known Scott as a dramatically eloquent writer and speaker. Because, well, that’s what he is.

Last Thursday, over a cup of Campbell’s instant soup, Scott told me in expressive “Scott-style” detail of his major, why he chose Creighton, what he learned from this trip, and everything in between. (Check out his blog to see what I mean by “Scott-style”:

Scott is a Journalism and English double major from Kansas City, Missouri (it is of upmost importance for me to clarify that he is NOT from the Kansas side of Kansas City).

Why a double major you may ask? He believes the two majors go hand in hand. The career he wants has to do with multimedia content creation. Therefore, English teaches him the aesthetics of media use and analyzes it from an academic context, while Journalism will give him experience with things like video and interviewing skills.

He heard of Backpack Journalism through one of his friends and ex co-workers who was a journalism major at Creighton. He immediately knew it would be something that he would enjoy. This program was a perfect fit for him because he had always wanted to do a study abroad program but didn’t want to take off a whole semester. He felt the need to get out of his personal context and break his conception of what the world is and to expand it, because he hasn’t traveled much outside of the basic lower 48.

To Scott, this trip was better than he expected. Due to his enthusiasm in the use of the Panasonic camera, he was nicknamed “Mr. Panasonic.” He loved it because having sole custody of that camera gave him the independence to be anywhere at any time and to do his own thing. He had this “go for it” mentality that resulted in some really cool hands-on experiences with videography.


Mr. Panasonic in action during a walk to the tundra.
Mr. Panasonic in action during a walk to the tundra.

Through his adventures with the Panasonic and shooting B-roll, the most important thing he learned is that “people are people, and any barriers that we put between ourselves are artificial.”


The multitude of lessons learned over the course of the trip were invaluable, and greatly affected Scott. Learning more about the affects of climate change made him much more environmentally conscious, and will be riding his bike rather than driving to campus whenever he can. Also, he is now going to start doing his own short videos. To him, class is just not enough. Learning by doing is the name of the game.

“The Alaska trip was a really passionate and spiritual experience I think that was enhanced by being in a kind of group setting and being in a community and us doing this work in communion was probably the highlight of the trip for me,” said Scott with expressive hand gestures.

Always keep your passion and intensity, Scott, it’s what makes you… well, you.


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